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May 3, 2014 - Update



Our big goofy German Shepherd Yaeger now known as Jackson is off to his new home in Georgetown.

Some very good friends and clients of ours have been fostering Yaeger to help with his training and getting him more socialized in a home environment. Other than his excessive barking, they really liked him. So after two months of fostering him, the decided to permanently adopt him.

He will have fenced property to run and play on, livestock that he cannot chase and a very loving family to give him everything that he needs. Jackson will be coming back for more training in our weekend group classes so we will be able to watch him mature.


February 19, 2014



Yaeger comes to us from the Calaveras Humane Society and is a sponsored dog by one of their wonderful volunteers.

Yaeger is about 8 months old and is a real clown!! He has tons of energy and having rude manners does not even begin to describe his behavior when her first arrived at the ranch. Yaeger is a big boy, Baby Huey would be an appropriate name for him because he is big and a real goofy boy!




Yaeger has taken well to his obedience training and he really does enjoy being out with his trainers. He seems to get along great with other dogs, both male and female and has even met our two cats. He showed a lot of interest in the kitties but he made no attempts to harm them. Our cats do no run however and I am pretty sure that if a cat were to run from him, he would be very happy to chase it!


Yaeger has decent toy drive so there is a chance that with training, he could possibly do some kind of search work, if his new owners would take the time to build on his drives. We haven't seen any aggressive behavior with Yaeger towards any people either young or old, or with other dogs.

The only problem we have had with him is he is a demand barker when he is left alone. He probably has some mild separation anxiety although he has made no effort to escape from his kennel or shown destructive behavior.

If this beautiful boy sounds like he is the dog of your dreams, please give us a call or drop an email to set up an appointment to come out and meet him.