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Alumni - Page 4 (August 2008 to August 2009)

Our graduates are listed here with their stories. Please click on a picture or link below to see that alum's page.

Graduates are presented from the most recent to the first.

Missy arrived today from the Calaveras Humane Society. She looks like she could be a cross between a Boxer and Lab and is about 1 ½ years old.  She is a very sweet and friendly girl. She has probably had at least one litter of puppies and looks like she is a very healthy girl. Missy has started her obedience training, and it is apparent that she has had no training in her previous life. She has learned how to heel, auto sit, stay and come.

Missy's dream came true today when she met and fell in love with her new family, and they fell in love with her.

Jazz had been at the Calaveras County Animal Control for five weeks and her time was definitely running out.  We were contacted by a very generous couple who asked us if we could bring her into the program if she had a sponsor. Once we heard what a special girl she is, we decided to take her into the program with a "Full Ride Scholarship" to the Twin Cedar K-9 Academy.

Jazz is off to her new home in Sonora. She is one lucky girl too! She has a wonderful family and a home with a large fenced yard.

Hi, My name is Petey and I am a Labatolian Retriever or that is what Auntie Marge` thinks I am. That would be part Lab and part Anatolian Shepherd. They say I am about 8 months old and that I am pretty darn cute!

Petey is off to his new home right here in Volcano. He will have acreage to run and play on and other Lab pack members to play with. His new owners are very active so Petey will be getting plenty of exercise.

Smokey came to us from the nice folks at Calaveras Humane Society.  He is approximately 1 year old black German Shepherd mix.  He is a very energetic, happy-go-lucky kind of guy.  He gets along well with all of the dogs here at Twin Cedar Ranch and is good with cats as well.

Smokey has never met a stranger! He greets everyone, young and old with great enthusiasm. He still needs some work in the manner's department and is coming along nicely with his obedience training.

Smokey is off to his new home in…. Los Angeles!!

Sadie came to us from the Calaveras Humane Society.  The veterinarian thinks she may be about 5 years old but she certainly does not act it.  Sadie is a very active little girl who just loves everyone she meets. We think she may be a Border Collie/Whippet cross. She loves to play with the other dogs that she is kenneled with and to swim in her doggy pool.

Sadie is off to her new home in Granite Bay.  She has a wonderful family and a big beautiful home to live in.

Hooch hails from the kind folks at the Amador County Animal Control and Adoption Center. Auntie Marge` thinks he is a Corgadore Retriever.  That would be a Corgi/Lab cross. When he is in the down position he looks just like a Lab but when he stands up that is when the Corgi in him takes over. Hooch will be 2 years old in September and he truly is a great little dog.  He has personality plus and is a very obedient little guy.

What a lucky boy our Hooch is! His new family came all the way from Sanger (Fresno County) to meet and then adopt him.

Poncho hails from the kind folks at the Amador County Animal Control and Adoption Center. Poncho is 15 months old and is a Chocolate Lab/Hound cross that may have a little something else mixed in as well. Poncho is a great dog! He is sweet, mellow, smart, willing, and a bit of a goof ball. He gets along well with all of the Twin Cedar Crew and just loves his roommate Bessie.

Poncho has a new home. He will be living on a 45 acre farm that is surrounded by BLM land so he will have plenty of room to get all the exercise that he will ever need.

Zack came to us from the wonderful folks at the Amador County Animal Control and Adoption Center. Zack is about 7 months old and is a Boxer mix. Zack is all about having fun! This boy has energy to spare but is a very willing little boy.

Well that didn't take long! Our cutie pie Zack is off to his new home. Good news is... Mr. Zack will be coming back for our AKC CGC class next month.  We are sure he will do just fine and earn his CGC certificate.

Roo came to Twin Cedar K-9 from the wonderful folks at the Amador County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center. Roo appears to a pure bred MBD (Medium Brown Dog). She is very sweet and extremely smart, although a little on the stubborn side. Roo is doing great with her obedience training. She love's to play with other dogs and swim in her doggy swimming pool.

Our little Kangaroo girl Roo, is off to her new home in Folsom. She came to us as a total wild child and is now a very happy and obedient dog.

Clyde came to us from the Amador Shelter. He is a 7 month old Cattle Dog/Border Collie cross. He is a very sweet little boy but is terrified of everything and everyone. In the short time he was with us we found him to be very affectionate once he felt he could trust you.

Clyde was only here for 2 1/2 days and he was off to his new home. He is now living with a couple in San Rafael with three other Border Collie buddies to play with. Good luck Clyde, we wish you could have stayed a little longer with us but we know you are in good hands.

Sandy Returns to Twin Cedar K-9 from the Amador County Animal Control and Adoption Center . The female dog was an owner surrender. As soon as I saw Sandy I immediately recognized her from coming through our program in August 2008. At that time, Sandy was the most affectionate and willing dog that we had come through the program in a very long time. Within five minutes, Sandy was doing all the obedience that she learned last year.

Our very special girl Sandy is off to her forever home. Congratulations to Steven and Susan.

Hogan comes to Twin Cedar K-9 from the Calaveras Humane Society. He looks like a Beagle on steroids! Our guess is he probably has either American Bulldog for Pitbull Terrier to go along with the Beagle. His temperament is very much like a Beagle but not as hard headed.

Well we knew Hogan aka Miles was a great dog, and it didn't take him long to find a great home in Camanche outside of Ione.  He will have six fenced acres, three cats and two of the most wonderful people to love and care for him.

Porsche came to Twin Cedar Ranch from the folks at Amador County Animal Control and Adoption Center. The staff at twin Cedar K-9 think she may be a Dutch Shepherd cross. Although Porsche seems to be a bit of a wild child, she is a very sweet and friendly little girl. She will play ball all day long if you let her.

Our longest resident Porsche, has finally found her forever home. She is the sweetest dog we have ever had out here; it just amazed us that it took this long for her to find a home. She will be a very much loved member of a family in West Point. She has a fenced yard and a wonderful family to love and care for her.

Baxter is a Cattle Dog/Australian Shepherd cross. Her owners have moved to Elk Grove from rural Amador County and poor Baxter wants nothing to do with city living. She is a country girl through and through! Baxter is a very sweet and loving little dog that has really mellowed in the past few years. She is a very obedient dog who wants to please whoever she is with.

Seven weeks ago when Baxter was at The Adoption Outreach that is held at the Feed Barn, a very nice couple fell in love with Baxter.  Baxter feels great and she has a new family to boot!

Gomer (aka Shane)Gomer (aka Shane), a 1 year old Lab/Border Collie cross was came to us from the Calaveras Humane Society.  Gomer was a total wild child that nobody wanted to be around. It took hours of training and socialization from a whole team of trainers and volunteers but in the end, Gomer turned out to be the Diamond we knew he was.

Gomer is off to his new home in Sheep Ranch in Calaveras County. He gets to live on ten fenced acres and has a Border Collie buddy to romp and play with. He will also have a few llamas to protect as well.

Hailey is a very sweet but shy 2 year old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd cross. She was surrendered to the Amador County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center by her family along with one of their other dogs. Hailey is definitely shy when she first meets new people but warms up quickly. She seems to enjoy her obedience training and in less than a week she already knows how to wait at doorways, heel, auto sit, down from the side and from the front and how to stay in a sit and down. 

Our little shy girl Hailey has found the most wonderful home. Her new family is a retired (kind of) couple that are home all of the time to give Hailey every thing she needs.

Dax was bred by a breeder in the San Diego area and was born on 12/5/2007. The breeder breeds Belgian Malinois for law enforcement, search and rescue and other working jobs. Dax did not have what it took to be a working dog but the breeder tried anyway to bring up working ability so he could sell the dog.At 7 months of age when it was very clear that he would never make it as a working dog.

Our very special boy Dax moved to his forever home. Dax was one of those truly special dogs that worked his way into everyone's hearts and he will be greatly missed by all who worked with him. Dax will be living above Buckhorn in the winter and then the lucky dog will spend his summers at Plasse's Resort.

Daisy came through the Second Chance Program in March of 2006. Her adoptive owner has decided to re-home her because she has not been getting along with his 4 year old female Great Dane. She was brought out to the ranch for a temperament test which she passed with flying colors.

Daisy is now off to her new home and it is a perfect home at that!  She will be living on 100 acres and gets to go to work every day with her new Dad. 

Daisy will also be coming back for group classes to brush up on her obedience skills.

Stella Bella came to Twin Cedar Ranch from the kind folks at Calaveras Humane Society. Stella is a 2 year old Shar-pei cross. What other breeds that are mixed in is your guess as good as mine. I see a little bit of Lab and Beagle but that truly is a guess on our part. We have asked Stella who her parents are and she is not telling!!

Our little girl "Stella Bella" has found her forever home and boy is she one lucky little dog. She now has a fully fenced acre to run and play on and two of the most wonderful parents to call her own.

Black Bart is an 18 month old male AKC registered black German Shepherd. From what Auntie Marge` has figured out, I was purchased from a breeder and then given as a gift to a family. That family never did anything with me and I spent most of my young life as an outdoor dog tied up in the backyard. They did not want to bring me in the house because they never taught me not to potty in the house or not to jump on the children.

Our big boy Black Bart has found the most perfect home. Our Daughter and Son-in-law Krista and Jon came up for a visit and fell in love with our boy Bart, and I must say, the feeling was mutual.

My name is Stitch and here is my story.  Auntie Marge` thinks I am a German Shepherd/Cattle dog cross.  I’m about 2 years old, neutered, current on all vaccines and I am on heartworm prevention.  My life has been pretty rough up until now, I was in and out of animal shelters three different times during my short life.Great news here at the Ranch.

I turned out to have boomerang genes, because I came back after my first home. I just don't get along with CATS!

I finally found my forever home. I have a stay at home mom and children to care for.

Paija is a 14 month old Whippadore Retriever or she could be a Labbit. That would be a Whippet/Lab cross.

She is a very shy little girl who was not doing well at the Amador County Animal Shelter & Adoption Center. She was afraid of everyone that came to see her and would run to the back of her kennel and bark at the people who tried to enter.

Paija has found his forever home and is a very happy dog indeed.

JoJo went to her new home today. She is one lucky little dog. Her new family lives in rural Sonora, Ca. and she has three kids to play and snuggle with.

JoJo is a 10 month old pure bred MBD (Medium Black Dog)!! I see some Beagle in her as well as maybe a little Boxer or Lab. She is one of those that it is really hard to say and little JoJo isn't telling us who her parents were.

Ushi found the most perfect home today. She will be the only dog living on five fenced acres and have her very own stay-at-home mom to keep her company. Ushi is one lucky girl and we will miss her out here at the ranch.

Ushi came to us from the Amador County Animal Control and Adoption Center. Ushi is a Australian Cattle Dog / Labrador Retriever cross. She is two years, four months old, spayed, current on all vaccines and on heartworm prevention.