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Alumni - Page 2 (2006 to 2007)

Our graduates are listed here with their stories. Please click on a picture or link below to see that alum's page. (Not all alumni have a personal page.)

Graduates are presented from the most recent to the first.

Lucky little Bugs has a great home. She came terrified of everything. That's where she got her name, her eyes would bug out in fear whenever anyone would just look her way. But with patience, gentle training and care, she rapidly became a favorite with her trainers and earned her way as our mascot. Now she leads the good life as a ranch dog with lots of German Shepherds to run around with. And a crazy little Shepherd to chase her around. No need to say goodbye here; I'll see you tomorrow at work, Bugs!
Our beautiful girl, Roja, got her own home and family. She was one of the most affectionate dogs we have had in the program. Roja loves people and more than anything, just wanted to be part of someone's life. Now she has her own kids to look forward to coming home from school. Her playful but gentle and kind spirit will make her a loved family member. Good bye, Roja. Be good and remember your training in your new home.
Scooter came to us from the Calaveras Humane Society.  She is about 6 months old Lab mix and is a fearful little girl.  Underneath her fearful exterior is a very sweet and affectionate little dog. She has settled in nicely in her forever home with a couple. She is a very much loved member of her new family.  Good luck in your new home, we will miss you out here at the ranch.
Lucy came to us from the Amador Shelter.  Her journey here was not so easy, however. She showed at the Amador Shelter as a stray. On the one hand she was very lucky to be picked up and brought in. Not all dogs are this lucky and many meet a painful end. But Lucy Lu was not happy in the shelter. Lucy Lu is a mix between an Australian Shepherd, Rottweiler and maybe Shar-Pei, plus probably some other stuff, too. She is about 18 months young, very healthy, current on all vaccinations.
Gonzo stayed with us for over a month until the right family finally came along. He came from the Amador shelter after being adopted and returned because of his exuberance which lead to his atrocious manners. He gave new meaning to jumping, running around and pulling on the leash. But it was all good natured, in fact he doesn't have a single mean bone in his body. After a slow start, he did well in school and now is living in a well deserved home where he is loved very much. He even comes back to our group classes to keep his training up. Which is a good thing! Good luck, Gonzo! Be good and mind your manners. We don't want to see you back for anything other than class!
Little Kelly had many trials and travels in her short life. She first came to us in November of 2005. She did very well in school and was adopted in December of 2005. Then we got a call from the Amador shelter a year later saying Kelly was back. She hardly looked herself, the adopters had split up and the one that she was left with did not care about her and she lived in a yard, mostly ignored, for months. But upon returning to us she did not take long to become the happy and ball crazy girl that we remembered. She spend a couple of months with us in limbo because a search and rescue agency said they wanted her. But, at the 11th hour they changed their minds so she stayed. Now she is in her new home. It was impossible not to shed a tear as our little girl left down the driveway. Good bye Kelly! We will definitely miss you!

Jenna came from an unwanted situation where she lived in a small kennel. Life started good for her as a puppy, but as she grew she found herself left more and more outside in a small pen. Her owners did not even care enough to keep her on heartworm preventative. But now, things are very different. She is has her own family and kids where she is remembering what it is like to be loved again. She is being treated for the heartworms and being very well cared for. The smile on her face as left is what keeps us going. Good luck Jenna! We hope you can come back for classes someday!

In less than a week, Shemp came and left! He was rescued with less that a day to spare when his number came up at the shelter. Even though the Calaveras Humane Society's foster program was full, they had faith and pulled him anyway. Just a couple of days before Buster got his home so we had an opening. Shemp came and was off to his new family before we were able to post his profile on the web site. His leaving is a little bittersweet. We will miss this nice guy. Goodbye Shemp, and be good!
Buster was passed around before winding up in Second Chance school. He was a breath away from the end of his rope when the folks at the Calaveras Humane Society came to the rescue and pulled him. But their foster homes were full, so another rescue happened when the Amador shelter took him in. As soon as we had a slot, out he came. He had a great time with us, but his Christmas came early when his new family came and took him home. Bye Buster, be good and remember your lessons.
Jack came from the Amador shelter where he had worn out his welcome through his shenanigans, barking and jumping on everyone. Second Chance school is just what he needed and he did very well. In fact he had a great time and worked his way into our hearts. He attended the monthly adoption event at the Feedbarn and now had his own home. Be good Jack, and no jumping!
Just like Jango, we had another happy day when Penny left for her new home. Her angel was watching when a family ran across her listing, came to meet her and they all left together. Penny got what she needed; a family with kids. And while it is sometimes hard for us to say goodbye, it is made much easier when adoptions like this happen. When I told her story today, a wise person told me "You can't beat the pay!" They are right. Goodbye Penny, be good in your new home and I hope we get to see you again!
Jango came to us from the Amador shelter. He faced a very uncertain future because of his kennel behavior. But soon after he arrived and got a couple of roommates, his true nature and personality emerged. He was such an affectionate and happy guy that he brightened every morning. His training sessions were a delight. But, they're here to find homes and soon Jango found his. When a family with three little kids came for him, he jumped into their van and was off without so much as a glance back. Goodbye Jango! You are very lucky, so make the best of your second chance. I'll miss your happy greetings and training sessions!
Max left us a completely different dog than when he arrived! When he came to us from the Calaveras Humane Society he was intact , very obnoxious and ready to urinate on everything in range! But as with all out Second Chance dogs, he was altered and started training after a few days recovery. It became clear that he was taught even the most basic manners. Once he found that good behavior resulted in lots of praise and affection, he reveled in school. Good bye Max! Be good in your new home! I'll miss your greeting howl in the morning!
Puka faced a very uncertain future at the Amador shelter. Despite going to a couple of adoption events no one seemed interested in her. Her bad manners and barking didn't help, either. Out she came despite the reluctance on the shelter's part. And, little Ms. Puka proved their doubts to be unfounded. She excelled in school, learned all her lessons and now has a wonderful home! And best of all, she comes back to group classes to keep her training up! No need for good bye, we'll just see you in the next week or so.
Amber was a very lucky little girl, indeed! She is a mix between Bull Terrier and Cattle Dog breeds. Amber was very happy but loved to jump and nip. Her owners realized she was the wrong dog for a family with little kids. They did the right thing and surrendered her to find the proper home. She has that now, thanks to her previous owners and the Second Chance program. But we'll definitely miss our little live-wire. Good bye and farewell Amber! Be good and maybe we'll get to see you again!
Here's Que, a big guy that is one of the energetic and jumping-est guys we had yet. But his change while at school had to be seen to be believed. Now he is off to his new home, the lucky guy. From the point where the folks at the Amador shelter had enough of his antics, to a home as a loved pet is a transition he made in record time. He is an example of how training can save a life. Good bye, Mr. Que!
Maya arrived from the Calaveras Humane Society after her owner moved and couldn't take her. Her future was bleak because she was aggressive to other dogs. During her stay with us, she found that life was much easier if she left instead of making a fuss. Then she went beyond that and actually learned to play and enjoy canine company! She even had a couple of roommates to play with. Good bye, Maya, We will miss you!
Our little girl Ginger just found the new perfect home. She is a little Cattle dog mix that is now living with a wonderful family on a working ranch. She even has a fellow Cattle dog there to be a partner and show her the ropes. But our place isn't the same without her. Our job is to train these guys and find homes, but sometimes it's hard to watch them leave. Goodbye Ginger and be good! I won't forget you!
Trooper is a big goof that got the home and life he deserved. He was saved by the good folks at the Calaveras Humane Society. He was in the Calaveras shelter, sent to a "no-kill" shelter but was promptly rejected as being food aggressive, a sure death sentence. But the CHS folks wanted to be sure and sent him to us. We found that assessment to be bogus, and he trained up well. He returned to a CHS foster home from where he was adopted. Good news, and well deserved for a big guy. Good bye and good luck, Trooper! 
Tia came to us after being adopted only to be returned to the Amador shelter. Her crime? Being an unruly adolescent puppy. So here she came for school and socialization. She did very well and after some marathon play sessions with Ellie, she got very lucky and some nice folks came to meet her and fell in love. Now she has her own home and people that care for her. She is even coming back to group class. So good bye and be good Tia! We don't want to see you get returned again!
This adoption was very special. Little Ellie Mae was seized from a horrible situation. The Amador shelter worked very hard to save her and when the time was right, they made sure that she came out to our Second Chance program. From the day she arrived she showed us how special she really was. The sheer delight Ellie showed when we moved her into our large pen was something to see. When we put Tia in with her, it got even better. Now, she is living with Bear another of our graduates. So it is not without a tear that we say good bye to Miss Ellie. We will never forget you and the motivation you provided us all.
Diesel came and went in no time. He was very unsure and not trusting of new people when he arrived. But, he tried hard and came to find a true friend in his trainer. When he moved in with our other Second Chance resident and saw how much fun she had interacting with people, he opened up. Now he is off to his new home. Farewell, Diesel! Be good with your new family. They will love and take care of you. And remember to take a chance and trust us humans again. We are not all bad. Just ask Ellie!
Flashback was on her way from the Calaveras shelter to Lab rescue when bad luck struck. She grumped and growled at a dog and was branded as dog aggressive. So back to the shelter she went and to a certain death. But the good folks at the Calaveras Humane Society were not ready to give up, so they brought her out to the Second Chance program and with a little work she is now off to her dream home. Be good Flash, and mind your manners! You have come a long way and are very lucky!
Mr. Jessie was with us for almost two months. He came a little wild man and left a happy and well balanced dog. He learned not to jump on people, basic obedience and how to get along in a family and with other dogs. We had our doubts at first, but he tried hard and proved himself a worthy Second Chance resident. So, good bye Jessie. Remember you manners and be good in you new home!

Smiley is a very lucky little girl, indeed. Saved from a certain and likely painful death by Margaret's sister, she now has a loving home where she will be safe and well cared for. She was very special to all of us and everyday with her was another study in mischief. She just loved to play and got to room with almost every dog that came for training. She seemed to know something was up today. She was extra happy and zoomed all over, playing and romping with Tina the Shepherd puppy. Smiley even ran up the hill, zoomed up the stairs and launched herself into the pool! Now, she is in her new home. Good bye and farewell to our little girl! We will miss you very much!

Simon is a happy guy that just wanted to be part of a family and be around another dog. He was surrendered to the shelter because he ran away. And no wonder, he spent his time tied up outside! And he was clearly neglected. When he got his first bath, the water ran brown for three rinses! And there was enough left over hair for another dog. When he came he enjoyed his new large kennel. Then next day we found an even happier Simon... he had broken into the kennel next door and was romping with the other dog. Now he has a home where is his a member of the family. And well loved. Goodbye, Simon! Be good, remember your lessons and us.