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July 11, 2014 - Update



Our little goofball Chico is off to his new home right here in Jackson. His new dad is retired so he will be able to spend a lot of time with our boy.

Hopefully Chico will get to come back for more training in the group classes on the weekends. Be a good boy Chico, you have been a good student and we will miss you!







April 23, 2014


A DNA test has been done on Chico and he is not a Pit bull/Shar-pei cross. Per his test results, one parent is a full Labrador Retriever and the other parent is 1/2 Mastiff and the other half is a combination of: German Wire Haired Pointer, Siberian Husky, Wire Fox Terrier, Golden Retriever and French Bulldog. Chico is a very happy boy who is still looking for his forever home!!

Chico hails from the Amador County Animal Control and Adoption Center. He is 3 1/2 years old and looks like he is a cross between a Pit Bull and Shar-pei. This boy has a wonderful temperament and is the happiest guy you could meet!

The only bad habit that we have noticed is, he has a bit of a foot fetish! When we go into his kennel he dances around your feet and tries to nibble on your toes!



As you can see from his pictures he is doing great with his obedience training! He loves to come out with his trainers and practice all of his skills. He has mastered his lose lead heel, auto sit, down, come and stay. Chico seems to get along with everyone the he meets, human and dog alike! We have not tested Chico with cats but his surrender papers state that he lived with them so we are guessing that he would be OK with them.

Chico is currently sharing his kennel with our Calaveras boy Max and they are doing just great with each other. They take turns at who gets to be the boss of their little pack, and they even share their toys with each other.



Chico is a very strong dog that does not know his own strength. Although he loves kids he probably should not go to a home with real young children as he could knock them down without meaning to.

Please give us a call if you would like to come out to meet this wonderful dog or any of the other dogs that we have in the program!