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April 11, 2014 - Update



Our comical love bug of a dog Panda is off to her new home in Jackson. Panda really hit the jackpot with her new family.

She gets to go to work with mom during the day and she has a great two legged playmate to play with in the afternoon and evening.

Panda will be coming back on the weekends for more training so we will be able to watch her grow with her new family.



March 6, 2014



Panda comes to us from the great people at the Amador County Animal Control and Adoption Center. Panda is 19 months old and looks like she could be a American Bulldog mix.

She is a great dog that does not know her own strength! She came to us because none of the volunteers could walk her because of her constant pulling on her leash and jumping all over them.



Poor Panda had an old injury to her left hip that had gone untreated. To make her life better for her, Dr Bob at Jackson Creek Vet Clinic did surgery to remove the head of her femur
to relieve her pain. Panda had the surgery at the end of February and she is now on the road to recovery. She still is
not using her left leg much but she will be soon.

Panda has started her obedience training and is doing quite well considering she still is not using her left leg. She is a very happy, social girl who loves everyone she meets. She gets along great with other dogs and is currently sharing a run with our Second Chance boy Cosmo.


Our Second Chance Dog Dee Dee had the same surgery on both of her hips back in December of 2011 and is doing fantastic. She runs with the big dogs, plays ball and swims.

DeeDee post surgery on both hips!!


We have not seen an aggressive bone in this girls body! She is quiet too!! She had been barking at the shelter but we have not heard her bark once since she has been with us.

We think Panda could fit into just about any household but of course, a fenced yard is a must!