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June 9,2015 - Update



Our little big man Fonzie has found his forever home right here in Amador County.

He will be living on a ranch with room to run, other dogs to play with and a very loving couple who will provide him with everything he could ever ask for. We all shed a few tears when Fonzie drove out the driveway!






Adoptee 260
Adoption fee $95
Boarding/Training donated: $2,805


April 2, 2015




Twin Cedar K9 proudly presents...The man "Fonzie Fonzarelli".  When Fonzie came to us for a temperament test his hair coat was so greasy and with the cocky attitude that he had, his name was instantly changed from Edward to the Fonz!

Fonzie was very fearful of people and was very reactive when he was approached or if anyone tried to pick him up.  Fonzie is about 8 months old and is a Chihuahua/Terrier mix.

We knew if he went back to the environment at the shelter that he probably would get worse not better, so we decided to put him into the Second Chance Program. 


Since our evening pack walks have helped so many shy and fearful dogs get better, poor little Fonzie went on his first
pack walk (on lead of course) that very first day!  The poor
little guy was a bit overwhelmed at first but once he met
Yujo ( Second Chance Graduate #200) he found somebody
that he could buddy up with.  It was very cute watching the
two dogs trotting down the path side by side.  Yujo weighs
about 70 pounds and Fonzie is about 12 pounds!


Fonzie  has gone on every pack walk since then and boy has he blossomed!  He is now going on the walks off lead and has made no effort to run away.  He comes every time he is called and he has even played in the water.  He and Yujo are quite the pair and it is pure entertainment for all of us humans to watch them play together.  In one week Fonzie has gone from a very fearful little dog who didn't want to be handled by anyone to a very affectionate boy who loves everyone he meets!!




Fonzie is coming along nicely with his obedience training and already has a very nice focused heel and will sit and stay.  He is learning how to down from the heel position but is having a little bit of trouble at this time with his downs.  Part of this is his fearful side and he still does not feel real safe when in a down.  We are sure within the next week he will master the down from the side and from the front. 

Update: April 19, Fonzie will now down from the side and front and on a few occasions, he has even gone into his down with just the hand signal!

Fonzie is a little dog with a big dog attitude!!  Please give Marge` a call or drop her an email if you would like to come out to the ranch to meet this very special little boy.