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October 25, 2014 - Update



Our very beautiful girl Gretchen is off to her new forever home. Her new dad is retired so she will have him to herself all day long. What a lucky girl you are Gretchen!






Adoptee 249
Adoption fee $200
Boarding/Training donated: $880


October 8, 2014



Gretchen is a sponsored dog that comes from the Calaveras Humane Society. She is a young adult and looks like she is a German Shepherd/Border Collie cross. She is about 50 pounds and is a very pretty girl.

When Gretchen first arrived at Twin Cedar Ranch she was terrified of all of the other dogs. She had no idea how to greet them or how to properly react when they came to meet her. In the short time that she has been with us (one week) she has made huge progress!! She can actually walk with several dogs around her at a time without over reacting.


Gretchen has learned how to do a perfect heel, auto sit, down from the side and front, stay in a sit and down, and coming when called. She is a very affectionate girl that loves to be with people. Gretchen loves to go for long walks and just to hang out with her trainers.

It is unknown if Gretchen is house broken but she keeps her kennel very clean. Gretchen was a little fearful when we were taking her pictures for the website and for her flyers. You can see the apprehensiveness in her face in her photos! This is the only time that we have seen this fearful side of her!



Gretchen would love a home where she will get a lot of human contact. We have not seen any destructive behavior in Gretchen and she has not tried to dig or climb out of her kennel.