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December 28, 2014 - Update



Mary is off to her new home right here in Jackson. A very dear friend of ours has adopted Mary and her wish has come true! She gets to be a lap dog and constant companion for her new Dad.

She get to go on long walks around her new neighborhood in Jackson. Mary will get to come back to visit all of her buddies here at the ranch!










Adoptee 254
Adoption fee $45
Boarding/Training donated: $855


December 4, 2014



Mary comes to us from the Amador County Animal Control and Adoption Center. Her records state she is a 6 year old Corgi/Pit Bull mix. We personally do not see either of these breeds in her. She looks like a Chi-Weenie on steroids!

We have done a DNA test on her and once we get the results we will update her information. Mary was surrendered to the shelter with 4 little puppies and it appears that this was not Mary's first litter! Mary is a very sweet little girl that would love to be a lap dog!!



We have started Mary's obedience training and it is very clear that this does not "float her boat" She has a very nice heel and she will sit when asked to but when it comes to down, Mary thinks that command is for the birds! She would much prefer a nice long belly rub than to do a proper down.

Little Mary gets along beautifully with all of the dogs at the ranch both big and small and just loves to come out of her kennel to hang out with people. Even though Mary is a middle aged girl, she loves to play fetch and go for long walks.



Mary is housebroken and can be trusted to be home alone without getting into any trouble.

She has met our house cats and was very good with them. She showed curiosity, sniffed them and then walked away.