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August 12, 2012 - Update



Well that certainly didn't take long but we didn't think we would have this little girl for too long.

Sophie is off to her new home near Fresno where she will have property to run and play on and a family to give her all the love a little girl could ask for.


July 20, 2012

Sophie Arrives at Twin Cedar


This pretty little girl comes to us from the Amador County Animal Control and Adoption Center.  Her paperwork states she is a 2 year old lab mix. 

We actually see more hound in her than we do lab, but only Sophie knows what her parents looked like and she is not telling us. 










What we do know is she is a very sweet and
affectionate girl.  She is coming along beautifully
with her obedience training and loves to play with
other dogs. 


We have not had a chance to get out on any of our pack walks but we are pretty sure she would do just fine.

Sophie has made no effort to dig or climb/jump out of her kennel and she has done real well with her roommate Lil. 


Even when Lil had gone over the fence Sophie just hangs out in her kennel waiting for Lily to return!

Please give us a call or send us an email if you would like to come out to meet the very special girl.