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December 11, 2012 - Update



Makua is off to his new home in Valley Springs. This lucky boy will have 30 acres to romp and play on, two loving parents and beautiful female German Shepherd to play with.

It is incredible how much Makua changed while he was with us! He will never be a real confident dog but he now will go up to new people without turning into a shivering puddle of German Shepherd goo.

His new owners are experienced German Shepherd people and they will know how to help Makua continue to build up his confidence.



October 18, 2012

Makua Arrives at Twin Cedar


Makua hails from the Amador County Animal Control & Adoption Center and he is a purebred German Shepherd Dog.

Makua is a special needs dog that is looking for a home where he will have a stable lifestyle. He is 3 years old and he has never been socialized with people or other dogs. He is very fearful of everything around him. His first response to anything or anyone new is to bark, then run and hide if he can.

In the short time that he has been at the ranch he has improved immensely and has gone from a shivering, growling, and very fearful dog to a very happy boy.








He has all of his obedience training and has been greeting
most of the dogs here at the ranch very nicely. We haven't
been taking Makua on our pack walks yet but plan to do so
in the next few days. Once Makua knows you he is very affectionate and he enjoys coming out of his kennel to
practice his obedience or just hang out with his trainers.

We think with time and patience Makua can become a very loyal and loving member of a family. He is a good watchdog, barking when a vehicle comes onto the property but will stop barking as soon as you ask him to.

Makua would do best in a home that did not have a lot of company coming and going and with someone that will continue to expose him to new people and things in a very patient manner.

He is still young enough to make a difference in his life! If you would like to come out to meet this wonderful boy, please give us a call to set up an appointment.