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April 2, 2013 - Update

Nikki goes home



Our very pretty girl Nikki is off to her new home in Gardnerville Nevada. She is a very lucky dog that will have two loving parents and an older dog to play with.

We have already received some very cute pictures of Nikki sleeping on her very own big fluffy bed in her new mom's office.

Poor girl, we hope she can handle it!! Nikki's new owners will bring her by for a visit when they come through town.











A very happy Nikki!


February 16, 2013

Nikki Arrives at Twin Cedar


Nikki comes to us from the Calaveras shelter and is a sponsored dog. She is probably between 1 and 2 years old and looks like she is a Basenji cross.

Nikki is a very active girl and a real goof ball!! She adores everyone that she meets and loves to come out and practice her obedience lessons.

When she first comes out of her kennel she is a bit on the wild side but it doesn't take her long to settle down and work. Nikki has already learned how to do a proper heel, auto sit when you stop, down from the side and the front, and to stay in a sit or down.








Stay is not Nikki's favorite thing to do but she will do it.
Nikki is very playful with other dogs but can be pretty
pushy and dominant when she plays. Before she was
spayed she was in with one of our other Second Chance
dogs and she did well.


She was in one of our 100' X 100' pens and made no effort to try to dig or climb out. In her smaller kennel she has had a nice fluffy bed and toys and she had made no effort to chew them. Nikki does not appear to be good with cats. We think she would definitely chase cats and would possibly harm a cat so a house without kitties is a must!

Nikki has enough energy to wear out several kids but she also has the ability to just kick back and snuggle with her person.

Nikki is totally ball crazy and could possibly be trained for search & rescue work if someone wanted to take the time to train her.

Please give us a call or send an email if you would like to come out to the ranch to meet her.