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Mama Bear


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September 15, 2013 - Update



Because of her advanced age and her arthritic joints, Marge` & Brian decided she should just stay right here at the ranch with them. Mama moved into the cabin shortly after she was rescued and has done very well.

It took her a few weeks to figure out the cats belonged here also and she stopped chasing them. Now she even lets them sleep on her dog bed with her.









Mama Bear





Here is Mama 29 pounds lighter!! She loves her new life on the ranch and everyone that she meets fall in love with her.

March 29, 2013

Mama Bear


Mama is being sponsored by Marge` and Cal. Mama was found abandoned in South Lake Tahoe at the 7 Eleven store.

As you can see, Mama has not missed to many meals in her lifetime. She weighed in at 112 pounds on an 80 pound frame. As you can see from her pictures...even her head was fat!! Her nails were so long they were growing back into her pads.

Our vet, Dr Johnson of Surrey Junction Vet Clinic is guessing she is 9 - 11 years old. Her blood work came back great so on the Twin Fast Plan she goes!! A very healthy grain free diet and lots of exercise is in store for this girl.






Her favorite thing's to do is go swimming at Lake Tabeaud chasing the ducks and chasing Vito around the ranch which should help her loose the weight. Mama is a great ranch dog who gets along with everyone she meets, dogs and people alike.