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July 21, 2012 - Update



Well that didn't take very long!

Chance is off to his new home in Plymouth and you guessed it... He has property to romp and play on and a loving family to provide him with everything he could ever wish for.



July 5, 2012

Chance Arrives at Twin Cedar


Chance is an Amador County boy that is looking for his forever home. He is about 1 year old and is a Anatolian cross.

Chance joined us at twin Cedar K9 because none of the male dogs at the shelter liked him. Once we got him out here it didn't take us long to figure out why!

He is a very dominant boy and even though he is not aggressive the other males do not like to be pushed around by him.







We put him in with other males that we more dominant
than he was and he figured out his place in the pack
within a few days. Since then he has been doing fine.

Chance has only had a few lessons but seem to be a fast learner when it comes to his obedience training.


He has already mastered his loose lead heel, auto sit with a stay and a down and stay.

Chance would love a home where he would have room to run and play and a family to love him.