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February 28, 2013 - Update



Our very pretty girl Piper is off to her new home and what a lucky girl she is.

Piper just adores kids and we were hoping to find a home for her with children. Piper hit the jackpot!! Her new family had six kids with four still at home and the best part is...they are home schooled so Piper will never be home alone.



















She will also have an older dog as a buddy to play with. Her new family lives in Colusa but they are over in this area fairly often and they have promised to bring her by for a visit when they are in the area.

December 30, 2012

Piper Arrives at Twin Cedar


Piper comes to us from the Calaveras Humane Society and what a cutie pie she is.... she is approximately 2-3 years old but acts a lot younger. She is a Lab/Boxer mix.

Piper just loves to play with her squeaky toys and also plays soccer. She is coming along nicely with her obedience training and has already mastered heel, sit, down and come. Stay is coming a little slower for her.







Piper is very playful with male dogs and most female
dogs but can be very pushy when she first greets them.
Piper will not get along with another dominant female dog.
This is what the folks at the Calaveras Humane Society
had to say about Piper. Her name was pumpkin when she
was with them.

"Pumpkin had an owner who taught her to play rough, yet once she learns the rules, she plays ball nicely, she even knows how to dribble it with her mouth and play soccer with her paws. Pumpkin is learning the leash and listens well to correction. When she meets another dog, she is so eager to play that she approaches them quickly rather than gently. When corrected, she will make a gentler approach".


Piper would like a home and family to call her own. She would like a large fenced yard and plenty of toys to play with.

If you think you would like to be that person or family, come on out to Twin Cedar Ranch to meet this very pretty girl.