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January 5, 2013 - Update



Our beautiful girl Maya is off to her new home in Pine Grove just 3 miles from the ranch.

She will have a loving family to give her everything she needs and she will have property to explore.

Her new owners are grandparents and they babysit their granddaughter three days a week. Maya must have been around babies in her previous home, she just adores the 8 month old granddaughter.

Maya will be coming back on the weekends to continue her obedience training!



December 17th, 2012

Maya Arrives at Twin Cedar


This very pretty girl came to us from the Stockton City Shelter. She is about 2 years old and is just a sweet as can be. She and a male GSD were picked up by the Stockton Animal Control and the owners did not want to pay the fee to bail out Maya. This is their loss and our gain!!

Other than being infested with fleas she appears to be in very good condition. She has obviously had at least one litter of puppies and that will be her last! She was spayed on the 20th.

Maya is a very social and affectionate girl who just loves everyone she meets including all the dogs here at the ranch.







She is coming along with her obedience but we must admit...she is a little on the stubborn side. She thinks obedience is for the birds and that she should be able to just hang out with her people. We are sure she will settle in and start to enjoy the learning process.

She already has a nice heel and sit but she does not think she needs to stay in her sit. She comes when called and will do a very pretty sit in front of her trainer.


Maya does not have any destructive behavior such as chewing or digging and she has made no effort to go over or under any of our kennel fences.

Maya would just love to have a family to call her own with room for her to run and play. She is very good with children but we do not know how she would be with cats.