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October 29, 2012 - Update

Our very special girl is off to her new home in San Francisco! Her new owner works just 2 days a week and will have the rest of her time to spoil Sydney rotten. We are looking forward to getting updates and photo's from her new mom.

October 3, 2012

Sydney Arrives at Twin Cedar



Sydney is a sponsored dog that comes to us from the Calaveras County Animal Control.  I have a wonderful couple who over the years has sponsored dogs in the Second Chance Program. 

Sydney didn't have much of a chance to be adopted due to her age and condition.  She was guessed to be at least five years old and was about 15 pounds underweight.  This was the dog that they wanted to save, and save her they did!! 

She was supposed to be spayed on the 3rd and then brought to me that evening.  Early in the morning the vet contacted me stating they could not do the surgery due to her advanced age.







They think she is about 7-8 years old, and that she would require blood work to be done prior to her surgery.  That
was fine with me, I could get her fattened up and have the blood work done and then have her spayed.

The very next day she woke up feeling worse than she did
on Wednesday.  She didn't want to eat anything that I put
in front of her and was just not acting right. 

Bless her heart, she still wanted to play fetch and romp and play so I wasn't too concerned at that time.  By Friday she was a very sick little girl. 

I took her to Surrey Junction Vet Clinic and Dr Johnson diagnosed her to have a very severe uterine infection
called Pyometra and that she would need surgery as soon
as possible if we wanted to save her life. 

I called her sponsor and she said to do whatever it took to save Sydney's life.  The surgery was done on Saturday morning and Sydney came through it like a champ!! 



Sydney came back to the ranch to recover and she
has been having a howling good time ever since. 
After her recovery period she was kenneled in one of
our 100' X 100' kennels with other dogs to play with. 
She gets along beautifully with every dog that she
meets and just loves to play fetch.


This girl is a real clown and makes us laugh every day! She is coming along with her obedience training but is a little on the hard headed side due to her advance age and she probably has never had to be obedient in her life. She does have a very nice heel and sit but does not care for the down too much at this point. 



She comes when called and Dr Johnson thinks she is probably house broken (he took her home every night so she wouldn't have to stay in the clinic).

Sydney could fit into just about any lifestyle but we are looking for a home where she can be a loved member of a family. 

The first 8 or so years of her life were anything but that and she deserves better than that. 

If that sounds like you, please give us a call to come out and meet this very special girl.