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Daisy Mae


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September 29, 2012 - Update



We could not have hoped for a better home for our little blue eyed beauty!

She is off to her new home outside of Plymouth on 80 acres. She will have other dogs to romp and play with and children that she can help burn off energy with!

Hopefully Daisy will be back for continuing education and manners. We hope to see you soon Daisy and be a good girl.


September 12, 2012

Daisy Mae Arrives at Twin Cedar


Daisy Mae comes to us from the kind folks at the Amador County Animal Control & Adoption Center. She is a 9 month old Catahoula Leopard Dog mix that is just as cute as can be. Just look at those baby blue eyes!

It is a good thing she is a cute as she is because it helps to make up for her wild and obnoxious behavior!! Her kennel manners are horrible but once you get her out and working, she is wonderful.








Daisy Mae is coming along nicely with her obedience training
and has been sharing a kennel with other dogs and is doing
great with them as well. She has passed the cat test with our
kitty T.C. which surprised us. Being a hunting dog breed we
thought she would try to chase her.

Her worst behavior is jumping on people when they enter her kennel but she is slowly learning that that behavior does not get her anything positive.


Daisy Mae would do best in a home with property for her to run and play on to help with her high energy level.

She is very good with kids but because of her jumping on people they should be at least 10 years old.