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March 23rd, 2010 - Update



Nakita is off to her forever!! home right here in Amador County. She will be living on property in Volcano with a wonderful couple who will provide her with everything a girl could ask for. Nakita will be coming back to the ranch to continue her obedience training and doggy socialization.











March 16th, 2010

Nakita Arrives at Twin Cedar


Nakita is in our German Shepherd Rescue program. This poor little (big) girl has been past around several times in her short life. She will be two on July 30th and she has already had three owners. She is AKC registered and her papers come with her if her new owners want to compete in any of the AKC events.

The biggest issue we see with her is she is dog aggressive. She is worse with females but has shown aggression with males as well. It appears to be fear aggression and with proper socialization she is improving daily.










She has been working in our group classes on the weekends
and is doing quite well.


Nakita has not met a person she hasn't loved. Per one of her previous owners, she gets along with people of all ages, adores children and is housebroken and loves to go for car rides.


She is coming along nicely with her obedience training and in one short week she has been introduced to all of the basics.

Nakita is not a real high drive dog and is content to just hang out with her person. Because of the possible dog aggression issues, we are looking for a home that does not have other dogs.

As always, a nice big fenced yard would be great too.