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Update: January 11, 2010

What a lucky boy Reno is… He is off to his new home in Pine Grove and will be living with a wonderful couple who will provide him with every thing a dog could ask for.

Just look at what he gets to cruise around town in!! Be a good boy Reno and be sure to stop by when you are cruising the neighborhood.


Reno was given the AKC CGC test on November 29th and passed with flying colors. Way to go Reno!

October 11 th, 2009

Reno Arrives at Twin Cedar

Reno comes to us from the Amador County Animal Control & Adoption Center.  The poor boy had been at the shelter for several months and was going crazy! 

Reno is a very high energy 1 to 1 1/2 year old Lab/Border Collie cross with possibly a little Shepherd mixed in as well.  The volunteers at the shelter had given him the name "The Beast" due to his totally obnoxious behavior. 










We went down to the shelter and evaluated him for the Second Chance Program and found a dog that was going crazy because he was not getting enough exercise and was to difficult for the volunteers to walk. We felt he had great potential and was a diamond in the rough. 

Reno likes to chase tennis balls but his most favorite thing in the whole world is to play in the water that is squirting from a hose. This nut can leap, jump and stand straight up on his
hind legs to play in the water.  He will do this for
15 - 20 minutes non-stop.The boy is crazy!!

As soon as our big boy Maximus was off to his new home, Reno was on the truck and on his way to a new life at Twin Cedar K9.We immediately put him in our largest run (100' X 100') with a pool and trees and best yet, a buddy to run and play with!


Reno is coming along with his obedience training; he loves to come out to be worked and to just spend time with people and other dogs. 




He has a very nice heel and auto sit and is learning down, come and stay.  He even works in the group classes with several other dogs and does quite well with all of the distractions. 

Reno is very playful with other dogs but can get a little to rough at times with dominant play.  Part of this behavior stems from his time at the shelter where he was not able to romp and play with the other shelter dogs. 



Reno would do best in a home that has a large fenced yard and a family that is active.  Reno probably would not make a good couch potato.