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Margè and Vito

Margè & Vito passed the TDI test in June of 2010. Vito is such a versatile dog, he gets to do it all. He is a Search & Rescue Dog with ISRCH (Independent Search & Rescue Handlers, Inc.) and is trained in Trailing, Cadaver, Gunshot Residue and Locating Evidence. The search work is his most favorite thing to do but in his down time he really enjoys going to visit our seniors in the five different care facilities in the Jackson & Sutter Creek area.

He will also go over to work with the kids in the Calaveras school system with his Mother Paija and his half brother Ranger. Vito has a very soft and gentle nature about him that all the people he visits cannot resist. Vito is quite the ambassador for the TDI program.

Margè's sister Sherrie has been very generous with her time making Santa Suits for the dogs to wear when thy go visiting over the holidays. Thank you Sherrie for all you do for the Twin Cedar Therapy Dog teams, you really helped brighten everyone's day when 12 dogs in Santa suits showed up to visit.