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Kim and Sadie


Kim and Sadie

Kim is a retired elementary school teacher.

She brought her Redbone Coonhound, Sadie, to Twin Cedar K9 because she was so completely rambunctious and out of control. Kim and Sadie enjoyed obedience training so much that they worked for several years to become ready to enter Rally O competitions.

Sadie eventually passed Novice, Advanced, and Excellent levels, much to the surprise of many judges who had never seen a coonhound compete in obedience before.

Kim and Sadie continue coming to obedience classes each week helping to train Second Chance dogs or encourage frustrated clients who think there is no hope for their naughty or stubborn dogs.

Sadie is now a certified Therapy Dog and visits convalescent hospitals and residence homes. Kim is currently training with Hospice to work with children in the Grief Busters program - with Sadie's assistance, of course.