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Joanna, Ranger & Paija


Joanna, Ranger & Paija

Ranger and Paija live with the Tedder family. They are both TDI certified dogs and are worked by Joanna (Mom), Josie (18) a Delta College student, and Chris (12).

Paija, a 7 year old GSD has been a therapy dog for approximately 5 years. She is consistenly able to find what the person needs and satisify that need. On one instance she climbed in bed with a non-responsive elderly man at his wife's request. When she licked his hand, he responded, and we cried. Her favorite thing to do is to lick the faces of kids (which they love). She is especially good with young autistic children.

Ranger, a 3 1/2 year old GSD has been certified since his first birthday. He has lots of energy and is especially good with the high school students we work with who love to play with him. He is able to turn off his energy and enjoy quiet pets when asked.

Ranger and Joanna passed the DSR test in Nov. 2009 and are awaiting call out to offer therapy at a disaster (none so far, yeah).

Both of my dogs visit weekly with special education kids at the Calaveras County schools and are really good with kids. In addition they have a third grade class that reads to them (too cute). We also visit with the "Twin Cedars Therapy Dog Team" once a month.

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