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Carla and Rodney


Carla Halford and Rodney

Carla is a Fire Captain working at the CAL FIRE Academy in Ione. She has also been a volunteer at the Amador County Animal Shelter for almost 10 years. She met Rodney after the passing of her old dog. Rodney was a stray that ended up at the Amador County Shelter.

He went to the Second Chance Program at Twin Cedar K9 because of bad puppy manners. Carla and Rodney met at the recommendation of Margie Blair from Twin Cedar K9. He was born in about June of 2009 (best guess).

Team Rodney


Rodney and Carla have been best buddies ever since. When they are not hanging out around the house taking care of the llama, goats, and chickens; they enjoy competitive running and open water swimming.

Rodney is the swim team mascot and will often accompany the team on 2 ½ mile training swims.

Rodney can turn off that competitive streak and be very mellow and sensitive. He loves being close to people, Therapy Dog work seemed to be a perfect fit.