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Violet and Joaquin


Violet and Joaquin

My Bio: Violet Jakab, MS, PE
Born: Romania-escaped in 1972, immigrated to US in 1974
Profession: Licensed Civil Engineer
Hobbies: kayaking, backpacking, German Shepherd dogs

I have always loved German Shepherd dogs. I go backpacking in the Sierra Nevada with them, back and beyond.

Joaquin came to me at six months of age, from a breeder who imported him from Sweden. His hips did not clear so he became my dog. A hiking dog has to be well behaved-there are many dangers on the trail. He/she must be protective, but with very predictable behavior, since you could meet many different people and animals on the trail.

From the first week, I realized that Joaquin loved people of any size. It was my dream that when I retire (which I did) I would train a shepherd as a therapy dog, to share unconditional love, with those who love dogs but do not have one, but really need love.

So, Joaquin is a perfect gift from God to me and hopefully many who need it. Thank you Margie!