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The Pups 11/28/04!


Here they are, 11/21/04 and getting bigger!

Please be sure and click on the small pictures to see the full-sized versions. Please be patient if you have a slow connection!

They are starting to show how they'll look. even their ears are starting to stand up... a little.


OK, I'm listening!


Wanna play space dogs?


Eula squeaks the toy


Doc - the quiet man


Cat Ballou lookin' good!

Mom says "Listen up kids!"

Hey Mom! Tickle my tommy next!

Dillon checks out the dumb bell

Here's mom!

All 8 pile on mom!

Duke says "Gee, my kids are pretty cute!"

Hey Pop, it it lunchtime yet??

OK pups - Let's just settle down, it's nap time!

Hey Pop. look how big my paws are!

Wow, a Dad does "dirty diapers"
(Webmaster says Yuck!!)

What a good Pop!

Hmmm - think this diaper needs changing too.