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Group Classes


Group classes are held at our Twin Cedar Ranch facility (click here for the current schedule). There are several levels of classes to choose from including beginning, intermediate and advanced obedience. In the beginning classes your dog will learn to sit and stay, down and stay, come when called, walk with a loose lead, calmly greet people and pass another dog. The beginning class is a great follow up from a puppy class or after a private session. Click here for the current schedule.

While building on previous training, group classes are also a great place to practice learned behaviors and are a very important element in your dog’s socialization around other animals and people. All lessons include training on our agility and confidence course located at the ranch. There is no upper age limit for this class, but dogs need to be 4 months old by the class start date.



Here the dogs are being taught to hold a down position while the handlers leave them.






Finally they made it, except for the delinquents that were sitting. But it's a beginning class!





Then we moved to the exercise where a person walks around and steps over or near the dogs. They are supposed to hold their down position. This was Buddy's (in the foreground) second class and he was not too happy with this. He was doing his best to get away.






But Brian wasn't going to let him get away with that! He gets his turn, much to his distress. After one pass, he found out that it was not that bad!





Finally, class was over and time for agility. Cooper made short work of the first jump, knocking it to pieces!





Off they went, Cooper continued the mayhem bailing off the teeter-totter. Margaret (the boss) was doing better with her student on the weaves. He knew that he better be good!