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The Pups Are Still Growing!


Here they are, 11/14/04 and getting bigger!

Please be sure and click on the small pictures to see the full-sized versions. Please be patient if you have a slow connection!

They just started their personality testing this week. Their extensive socialization is showing in how well they are developing. They continue being the happiest little guys on the ranch!



Sundance nibbles an ear.


Wyatt Earp gets the new toy!


Eula's 1st focused down-stay


Rooster & Sundance play tug. Grrr!


Wyatt Earp ponders his next move...

Doc Holiday checks the back yard

Etta says "What's Doc up to?"

Kid says "Hey mom, you're on the wrong side!"

Eula checks out Auntie Paija

Sundance is hungry again!

Cat Ballou dives in!

Mom finds theese guys make pretty good pillows now.

Eula bends Mom's ear a little

Mom tells a bedtime story

Auntie Paija & Dad (Duke) say Hi!

Dad meets Rooster Cogburn