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Addie's Pups Another Week!


Here they are, 11/21/04 and getting bigger!

Please be sure and click on the small pictures to see the full-sized versions. Please be patient if you have a slow connection!

Their personalities are still coming out and developing. They are all great and this week they spent their first night without mom with them. Addie enjoyed the break and the pups did fine. Note from the webmaster - I spend a good hour playing with them last Sunday and they all come running and just have a super time. Some folks are going to be very lucky to get these little guys!



Ma Addie & her gang!


Eula hangs out


Eula & SUndance snuggle in the tunnel


Sundance with a twinkle in his eve!


Kid Shaleen aka Rowdy

Eula captures a pine needle

Can we come out and play?

Wyatt grabs the leaf

Wyatt the Wonder Dog!

Cat Ballu goes exploring

Eula fills the scale!

Anyone wanna play ball?

Doc Holiday - One sweet boy!

Here's Eula

Kid Shaleen & Cat Ballou

Sundance Kid & Etta Place

Doc Holiday & Wyatt Earp

Rooster Cogburn & Eula Goodnight

Do I have to do this?!

Rowdy in the tunnel

Dad & Cat Ballou nose to nose