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More Information?
Click here for more information about these great little guys. Or call us at (209) 223-3194. A couple are still available and we are accepting deposits.



The Line up!

Here they are, with details. The pictures were taken March 28, 2006 and they are a week old. This is the rock'n roll litter so they have big shoes to fill, based on their names!

They are all very strong, all quite active and move around the box to find the perfect sleeping location or to get a meal from mom.

Elvis Presley and Grace Slick, Elvis is a sable male; Grace is a black female

Otis Redding and Tina Turner, Otis is a black male; Tina is a sable female

Stevie Wonder and "The Boss" Springsteen, Stevie is a black male; Boss is a sable male

Jethro Tull and Gladys Knight Jethro is a sable male; Gladys is a black female

Buddy Holly aka the big bopper is a black male

Snug as bugs!