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  • R Beth's Justice for All aka "Justice"

  • Born: 11/23/2001

  • OFA Good



Justice is Luka's son and is co-owned by Jack Lacy of Volcano. Justice went back to Ohio with Margaret when she completed her Master Dog Trainer certification in February and March of 2003.  In order to pass the certification tests, Margaret trained Justice and he demonstrated and performed basic and advanced obedience, scent discrimination, tracking, beginning Police K9 including bite work, support dog for the handicapped and agility. He passed all these and more with flying colors.

Like Luka and Aspen, he completed his GSDCA TC on 5/18/03 with the highest score in his group of 90 dogs. He earned his AKC CGC on 9/27/03 and his CD on 3/14/04.

He enjoys giving demonstrations of support dog for the handicapped in local schools and organizations. Justice's favorite task is to bring in the mail.  He won first place at the 2003 Strut Your Mutt event showing how he can open the mail box, bring in the mail and then close the box.  Click here to see Justice in action at the mailbox.

Look for Justice at the ranch on Sunday's as he continues his training in support, police K9 and tracking (SAR) and practices with Jack to keep all these skills sharp.