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The Star!

        • Twin Cedar's Aspen Glow aka "Aspen"

        • Born: 11/25/2000

Aspen is Luka's daughter and she does it all. She passed her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test on 4/7/02. She then earned her CD (Companion Dog) on 6/1/02 where she came in first in Novice B and high in trial. She went on to pass her temperament test (GSDCA TC) on 5/18/03 scoring the second highest in her class, finishing just behind her half brother Justice. This is a difficult and involved test requiring specific controlled reactions to different situations. Including reaction to strangers; aggressive, friendly and neutral. Also loud noises including gun shots and other.

Aspen is a great tracking dog and loves doing SAR (search and rescue) work.  She also enjoys giving police K9 demonstrations in the local schools with her father Luka.

True to her breed, Aspen also tried her paw at sheep herding and would love to get back into that, if only her and Marg could find the time!

Aspen will be joining with Luka and Duke in the Rally Obedience ring starting January of 2005. She has been training in Rally-O and practicing over the last summer. When she attended a Rally workshop in Roseville on Oct. 1st and 2nd, 2004 she placed first in the Novice class, and Duke placed second! All three should have their RN titles in short order.

Click here for some pictures of Aspen at work.