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  The 2022 Canine Good Citizen class starts April 27th on Wednesday evenings, ending on June 15th


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Christmas Class, 2005

Last Saturday, Dec 24th, 2005 we held our one group class. The plan was to hold just one class instead of the usual four classes, two Saturday and two Sunday. This would allow us to close early so we could enjoy the holidays. We also thought most folks would be busy or out of town for the holidays. But it turned out to be not only our largest class ever, but also a party for the people and the dogs!


Despite the number of folks, the dogs were on their nest behavior. How's this for a good looking group? Is the greyhound working off lead?



With so many people and dogs, the recall exercise took a long time. It provided great control practice for the dogs but the poor little guys had a long way to run to reach their owners!


Brian, surrounded by his favorite clients. He's almost smiling!

A friend stops by to wish us all a Merry Chirstmas!