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One Lucky Little Kitty

*Webmaster note - The following is copied from an email I sent to someone that has just lost a loved cat after many years. It is a nice story that we thought others might enjoy.

Every now and then something good happens. This is what happened to little TC, but I like to call her Splat. She must have really had nine lives because she probably used eight of them to be with us now. Here is what happened to TC:

 Margaret was driving down Hwy 88 and saw a little cat get hit by a car. She stopped, but no one else did. Cars were zooming by while the little cat was flopping around in the middle of the road. She called the Sheriffís dept (she also works there as a senior dispatcher, in her spare time) and asked them to send a deputy to stop traffic so she could run into 88 and try and save the little gal. Well, there was too much traffic and with each passing car the cat was getting closer to being smashed. So she grabbed her jacket and dashed out into the road, snatched up the little cat into the jacket then ran back to her car. Then the deputy showed, but the deed was done.

Anyway, she sped off to the Foothill Veterinary Clinic with the cat wrapped in the jacket and ran in. They didnít know if she was still alive, but when they unwrapped the jacket she looked up. She was a mess, all whiskers broken, bruises and she peed all over herself and the jacket. Dr. Mary took the cat in to see how bad off she was and Margaret left for work.

The cat was clearly someoneís pet, it had a nice little collar with a small bell. Margaret placed ads in the paper and a notice on Pet Patrol in Hometown Radio. Nobody came forward and Splat's luck continued to hold. Dr. Mary very kindly donated her emergency care and Margaret paid paid the balance of the bill and took her home. Now she now leads the royal life! Her official name is TC (sheriff talk for traffic collision) but I call her Splat. And funny thing, when she sits in my lap and I pet her I donít get allergic. And even Brian, Margaretís husband, likes her! Truly, a lucky little girl! It's not very often that an animal goes from being scared, lost and almost being killed, to a warm and loving home. And not to mention having a kind vet in her corner!