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Our own Rally introductory class, taught by Margaret,  is open now. Click here for more information, or call us at (209) 223-3194.


Sacramento Dog Training Club Rally Trail, Oct 7 & 8, 2005


Twin Cedar was well represented at the trail in Roseville and everyone had a great time. Our training and practice paid off with all receiving qualifying scores on each entry and many receiving titles.

This was a large event and Rally had the majority of the obedience entries. From the judging schedule, on Friday there were 164 entries with 92 in rally and Saturday had 218 total entries with 115 in rally.

Following are the first round of pictures. We'll be posting more soon so stay tuned as these pages grow! If you would like to join us for Rally classes or participate in one of the trail please call us at (209) 223-3194 or drop us an email.


Nadine and Cheyenne entered both both days in the Rally Advanced class.  She did very well scoring 83 Friday and 91 on Saturday, which won her second place!







Ruth and Sophie also entered both days except in the Novice class. She also did well scoring 88 on Friday and 83 on Saturday.

Margaret and Aspen did their usual excellent performance, titling in Advanced class. They scored 88 on Friday and 98 on Saturday.

Margaret and Duke also titled in the Advanced class, scoring 98 on Friday and 97 on Saturday.


Margaret with Luka showed that grandpa still has it in him by earning he Advanced title. He scored 98 Friday and 93 on Saturday.

Then Margaret brought out Paiga, the newest crew member, in the Novice class. She scored 82 on Friday 95 on Saturday.

Finally, Rich brought out Virgil. He did pretty well, earning his title in the Novice class scoring 92 Friday and 71 on Saturday.


Here are the award and some extra pictures, just for fun!