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Rally Workshop, Sunday, July 11, 2004

On Sunday a group took a road trip down to Concord to attend a Rally-O workshop sponsored by the Northern California French Bulldog Club at Hillcrest Park. It was a great event, very nice park with many trees for shade. The NCFBDC folks did a great job and went out of their way to help all the people there.

Dave was the photographer of the day and although he didn't have Cal's mega-camera, these photos turned out well. There are lot of pictures on this page, so please be patient while they load. Also, the full size versions, available from the individual's pages, might take a few minutes to load, depending on the connection to the internet.

Click on any pictures below to see that person's page. Margaret and Joe ended up in almost a tie for the best performance of our group. They both got the same point score, but Margaret's time was about 1/2 second faster than Joe's. That was the difference, but Joe says wait until next time!.

A great time was had by all, we learned quite a bit and it was the perfect setting. A big thanks to the NCFBDC folks!



Cal started off with Addie.  Addie did great on the lead, and clearly had a great time.  When she was in the advance class, off lead, she also did well with only one unauthorized detour from the course.  But, then she came right back so it was only a minor transgression. 

That's Joe in the background getting Lex ready for her turn.









Next Margaret competes with Aspen and Duke in a couple of different runs through the course. She did very well, both Aspen and Duke were ready to go and made it look easy. She competed in the Advanced class with Aspen and Novice with Duke. Plus, Margaret did a surprise run with Clyde. Those pictures are in their own section, shown below.











Joe's excellent run with Darla. She did great, losing the Twin Cedar champion bragging rights by only 1/2 second! His page includes a couple of pictures of Lex as well. She also had a good performance.














Here comes Ruth with Sophie. Ruth has been training Sophie for some time and it showed in her performance. Despite the look on her face, Sophie is really having fun!

















Kim 's up next with Sadie. Sadie has got to win the most amazing changed dog award. Her early training sessions were a study in pro wrestling. Always friendly and social, Sadie was interested in everything but what she was supposed to do. Now look at her, doing very well in a Rally ring. It is a testament to Kim's dedication and practice... maybe there's hope for the rest of us!















Margaret's back, but this time with Clyde in the Novice class. His owner was registered in the Introductory class, but he was not sure about the Novice class. 

The judge wasn't sure, but Margaret kept saying "No, really, it's a dog, not a guinea pig!"












Finally, the Introductory class comes, and Rich takes Clyde out onto the course. Clyde's doing pretty good, of course he had Margaret training earlier.














Well, since you made it this far, why not click here for some bonus pictures?