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  The 2022 Canine Good Citizen class starts April 27th on Wednesday evenings, ending on June 15th


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Paija was successfully bred with Jimmy and we are expecting the litter in the third week in March. These puppies will be excellent companion dogs that should be able to do it all. Based in their working bloodlines, they would do well in competitive activities such as obedience, rally obedience, tracking or any other activity. They would also be superior therapy or guide dogs.

The pups are all gone! They are off to new careers ranging from working law enforcement, to AKC performance events and to the most important of all... a loved family pet! Goodbye guys and gals; we look forward to seeing some of you back in training. Maybe we'll even  see one or two on this site as they compete with the rest of the Twin Cedar muttly crew.


  • Reload Jagerstadts Paige AKA "Paija"

  • Born: 12/7/2003

  • OFA: Elbows Normal, Hips Good


  • Delta Society Registered Therapy Dog

Paija is our registered therapy dog and miracle worker. She loves everyone and and her attitude has helped many, especially some local autistic children. She comes from a long line of service dogs, her brother, pictured below, recently graduated from the Oregon campus of Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Click here to view Paija's pedigree. (Use the view menu in the Acrobat viewer to rotate the pedigree for portrait viewing, if needed).

Or, click here for a pedigree to view in html on screen format.

Below are some recent pictures of Paija. Click on any of the thumbnails below to see the full sized picture.


  • Jimmy von Zwei Freunden AKA "Jimmy"

  • OFA: Elbows Normal, Hips Good

  • AD, SchH 2


Jimmy is a proven stud dog with good bloodlines and has sired many good working dogs. With his and Paija's sable coat there is the potential that we will produce some all black pups.

Click here to view Jimmy's pedigree.

Below are some pictures of Jimmy. Click on a thumbnail to see the full sized version.