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Monday, Dec 12, 2005

Things have been kind of routine lately, so Margaret thought she would add a new distraction to the agility course.  It worked!  All day when the dogs were on the course, they would be sniffing the air and looking down the hill toward the draw. It is a challenge to stay on the plank walk when trying to look and air-scent to see what is down the hill.

Actually, the story starts over the weekend when a neighbor found one of his goats had been killed. It looked like a mountain lion had made the kill. That was confirmed when another neighbor happen to see the mountain lion walking off his ranch and across the road, toward the area the dogs were looking. Also, she was heard yowling from that area.

In the late afternoon, the Fish and Game department set up a trap and baited it with the remains of the latest kill. And, sure enough, in the early evening the lion was caught. It looks like a eight month old male.

Margaret wanted to add him to the Second Chance program, but Brian said "No more damn cats!"