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Addie Has Her Pups!


Addie and Duke are the proud parents.

These puppies are very special. They are doing well and show the care being given by Margé and Cal. And we would like to offer our thanks to Dr. Allison Pillsbury of Foothill Veterinary Clinic in Jackson, Ca.  for her time and trips out to the ranch to take care of Addie and her pups.  She has been there when Addie needed her, no matter what the time of day and for that we are very grateful.

Click on the link bars on the left to see pictures taken as they have grown. They in their new homes now, we look forward to see how they develop into great working dogs and companions.

The pictures and captions are by Cal for us all to enjoy. Thanks, Cal!



Now Addie is a mom with eight pups. Here are some pictures of the happy family.


Poor Addie... a mom's work is never done!