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  The 2022 Canine Good Citizen class starts April 27th on Wednesday evenings, ending on June 15th


Name the Second Chance Graduate!

Recently we had a Second Chance dog come to stay for a few days. All we could say is "Wow, what happened?!" Truly, this pup is way different than when he first came to us. The first hint is only one word: Blimp. Actually, way beyond the sausage stage!

So, here's the contest: Guess which Second Chance graduate this is. The first correct email to info@twincedark9.com wins a free group class visit. Or, for new clients, $15.00 off your first private session.

Let us know who you think this is! We have the winner! Thanks for the correct answer, Nadine & Cheyenne! This waay big guy is none other than Mr. Bo!!