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Beginning Greyhound Training, part 2

He gets it! This is a comfortable position for Achilles so with a little encouragement he learns to hold in the down position. This is the foundation for learning that stay automatically applies to the stationary exercises. To illustrate the importance of holding a position, Margaret uses the example of a dog that has gotten away on the wrong side of the street. If a car is coming, you want to tell you dog to sit or down and must hold (or stay) in that position until released. That could save your companion's life.

Not to be outdone and to show that any Greyhound can enjoy learning, Virgil came along for some heeling practice. He was adopted from the same folks as Achilles by our webmaster. 


Look at their expressions and Achilles tail, think they're having fun?!



And, how about agility?


Achilles was not sure at first, but once he found he had back legs and where they go, he zoomed over the planks and A frames.






Virgil loves the Agility course and shows Achilles how the teeter-totter works.

And he takes a run at the jumps...


Finally, it's time to go home. But, we can't wait until next week!